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hell, someone's gotta be the first. [Feb. 13th, 2005|12:49 am]
PDX Personals


Hello, I'm Tanjent, and I don't suck.

I'm a geek, a video game programmer, a damn fine cook, a juggler, a skeptic, an intellectual, a good listener, and my massage skills have earned me rave reviews.

I'm compassionate, caring, nurturing, insightful, honest, objective, skeptical, puzzling, random, eclectic, weird, determined, progressive, liberal, and poofy-haired.

I've driven across the country and back and forth and back and forth again with only my iPod as my companion. I've helped start a software company and watched it grow and disintegrate before my eyes. I've written huge chunks of code in a well-know game that you or your friends may already be addicted to. I've swing danced, I've yoga'd, I've cooked a four-course meal that made the girls swoon. I've moved from a comfortable blue city in a big red state full of dozens of good friends to a strange new city in a beautiful green state full of delicious beer.

I've had many adventures and seen many new places.

But I have not yet had a valentine.