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new to this [Feb. 16th, 2006|04:57 pm]
PDX Personals
So i started looking around at different dating sites and the thing is that i dont really want to date in the traditional sense of the word date. i am not looking for a life partner and i am not looking to have a boyfriend who i have to call all the time and do sweet things with. honestly, i am too busy for that romantic stuff. i want people to hang out with and go out on dates without any weirdness and make out and hook up and do it with afterwards. is this too much to ask.

i put up a profile at match.com and yahoopersonals, then and so i find this website called efriendswithbenefits.com. i checked it out and it seems legit. not too many people on it yet, but it seems to be a no strings attached kind of thing. less of a be my bride and more lets hang out and fuck. we'll see. i am a bit nervous about this whole internet thing. i mean, it seems like a logical way to get what i want out of life, but i cant help but feel that weird, apprehension. allright. i will stop talking now.

so anyway, if you want to read about my exploits, become my friend. it should get pretty interesting.