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Introductions... [Mar. 2nd, 2005|08:35 am]
PDX Personals


[Current Mood |weirdeccentric]
[Current Music |Tool]

My original post was pretty obnoxious... sorry 'bout that, I was in a mood.

I've lived in Portland since Octover 2003. I moved here from Denver, for work (sort of backwards, I know) but I am not from there. I moved to Denver from Ketchum, Idaho by way of Worceseter, MA; West Point, NY; El Paso, TX; Germany; NYC; back to El Paso (yeah, lived there twice, if you can imagine it) and Monument, CO. Of all the places I have been or lived, Portland is in my top two favorites.

Music: Floyd, always. Other than that, recently I've found stuff like Tool, A Perfect Circle, Rammstein, Disturbed and Lords of Acid relax me. Classical music and Jazz are also obvious staples.

Books: Heinlein, Hemmingway, Stephenson, in that order. I just found out about Coupland and plan on obsessing over his writing soon. The rest of the list is too long and pretentious to list here... I like to read.